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Kevin Demaro


Kevin Demaro

Kevin Demaro was born and raised in Milford, CT and is no stranger to an eccentric team of members. His parents own a successful gymnastics school in Milford where Kevin himself trained, along with his siblings and has even been volunteering at Who’s Your Doggie, LLC since he was 10 years old (he also has three pets of his own!). Kevin is a true artist, 19 years old now, he’s currently performing his original creation of an aerial hoop act and has been performing this feat of agility across the country. He’s also developing a new innovative clothing line for others in his industry, called the Kevin Demaro Collection.

Rapid Fire Questions:

Favorite dog breed – Jack Russell

Favorite food - Pancakes

Favorite past time – circus

Favorite candy – Reese’s peanut butter cups Dream vacation - Hawaii

If your life were a movie, what would be the theme song – Do My Thing, Miley Cyrus

DJ name - DJ K Dogg

Animals Do The Darndest Things “If you let Tugboat (my dog) sleep in the bed with you he will sleep on top of your head, (he’s a) Jack Russell/Beagle mix and he’s fat! The fat will roll onto you like someone is holding a pillow over your face!”