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Melissa Marter

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Melissa Marter

Melissa Marter, the Italian head-honcho is from the Bronx, NY and has co-owned Who’s Your Doggie, LLC with her husband Richie for the past 9 years. The couple has three children together, Eva, Richie, Celina and an impressive five dogs of their own (all impeccably trained of course)!

Rapid Fire Questions:

Favorite dog breed - Doberman

Favorite food - Whatever I feel like that day

Favorite past time – Going to the gym or salsa dancing

Favorite candy – Hershey kisses

Dream vacation - St. Thomas If your life were a movie, what would be the theme song –

No More Drama, Mary J Blige If you were a DJ, what would your DJ name be – DJ Sketch

What is the most important object you own – I don’t find objects important

Animals Do The Darndest Things “Tiny (my dog) ate my husband’s timberland boot and I just watched. I was so mad that he got the dog without asking me, and wasn’t cleaning up the poop, so I enjoyed every moment watching that.”